Volunteer Guidelines:

Email tegan@lifehousepartnership.org to get involved.

Dress Code
• Closed-toed shoes are required, due to the possibilities of dropped cans and broken glass.
• Family friendly attire is required, including appropriate t-shirt graphics, advertisements, and cuts. If a board member believes your clothing is questionable, you may be asked to help in a way that doesn’t involve client interaction (such as cleaning or stocking).

Volunteering on Outreach Days
• On pantry days, volunteers will pray and begin training THIRTY MINUTES BEFORE the doors open. Expect to be trained each time you volunteer, as your job or our policies may have changed since the last time you volunteered. If you cannot arrive thirty minutes before pantry hours (eg, 5:30 on the Tuesdays), please choose a different time to volunteer.
ter the pantry closes, clean-up should be minimal. Expect to stay around 15 minutes after close, or until all are dismissed by the board member.

Other Opportunities
• If you cannot commit several hours at once, consider volunteering a shorter amount of time on stocking days (typically the Monday before the first Tuesday pantry).
• Consider organizing a food or diaper drive with friends or coworkers. Email lifehouse.partnership@gmail.com for our present food needs.
• Seasonal opportunities include preparing for fundraisers, marketing, and assisting with annual events like the Stocking Stuffer Store. Email volunteer@lifehousepartnership.org for more opportunities, or to be added to the monthly newsletter with volunteer needs.